It's important to dig deep, but it's just as important to dig in the right place.

Brandbuilders specializes in developing compelling brand positionings and finding 'the gold' at every stage in the process.

Our work focuses on breakthroughs in understanding, reframes that stimulate action, and Reasons to Believe that inspire confidence.

Since 1993, we've used our proprietary, disciplined process and a strategic approach to creativity to consistently crack our Fortune 500 clients' toughest challenges, like how to:

  • Make a brand stand out in a crowded or commoditized category
  • Trade consumers up to premium offerings
  • Grow a declining brand through repositioning alone, when product or packaging news is not on the horizon
  • Transform product features that initially elicit strong consumer negatives into driving positives

How Brandbuilders Can Help

Opportunity Analysis™

Leverage a unique methodology that creates revealing business, customer, & competitive analyses

Disrupt conventional thinking with Active View Shifting™ including “Left Field” and “What if” analysis

Dimensionalize “size of the prize”

Motivating Insights & Research

Conduct research with techniques that uncover deeply felt emotional and functional needs

Determine role of benefits vs affiliation, for your brand, across the Innovation Continuum™

Brand Positioning

Repositioning that breathes new life into existing brands

Positioning that powerfully launches new brands

Ownable differentiation that speaks to the heart of your target

Innovation & Concept Development

Create differentiated new product concepts

Fill development pipeline with unique, consumer -driven initiatives 

Superior Customer Experience

Create Defining Moments™ that reinforce positioning at every touchpoint

Brandbuilders Training

Build strategic marketing expertise within your organization

Learn specialized process that saves time & money, while delivering superior results

Sharpen critical skills to ensure execution supports strategy