In a rapidly changing world...

Never before has it been more important for a brand or business to clearly define how it best delivers on 'Why Us?'

At Brandbuilders, we strengthen and grow brands by uncovering what matters most, to whom, and by identifying how each brand can best demonstrate true understanding.

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping businesses:

        • Identify and prioritize the highest value strategic opportunities
        • Better define, and deeply understand, their most valuable target
        • Determine what behavior to focus on changing, and the best way to impact how to change it
        • Reframe thinking about the brand to best drive growth – refining brand positioning, introducing meaningful innovations, & creating Defining Moments™

Deep Dive Opportunity Analysis™

Knowing where to focus is more than half the battle.

The Deep Dive Opportunity Analysis builds the case for the best opportunities to pursue, either within the current business or through strategic innovation.

This involves deep understanding of what’s happening in:

     •  the current business/brand
     •  the shifting competitive landscape
     •  trends changing behavior
     •  the target
     •  the product/product mix
     •  all elements of the positioning

Additionally, Brandbuilders’ proprietary tools ensure a more expansive exploration that exposes blind spots, unanticipated substitutes, and emerging trends that may create ‘disruption,’ or change everything. Ultimately, the Deep Dive Opportunity Analysis helps to deliver strategic priorities that pave the way for profitable growth.

Radical Empathy™ Research

Your brand’s ability to empower and inspire will be a big part of how it’s measured.


That’s a far cry from thinking about those who use the products and services your company offers as the ‘consumer.’ Even using that word serves as a distancer from the very real people at the other end of the products and services they use.


Radical Empathy Research creates the ability to forge much deeper connections and create actionable paradigm shifts in how we think about the people on the other end.


As both a call to action and a set of tools, Brandbuilders’ Radical Empathy Research includes proprietary methodology designed to eliminate biases which can color how data is interpreted. The result is research that deeply understands people’s reality in ways that are actionable, and eliminates the distance between ‘us’ and ‘them’ which can cause teams to go down the wrong path.

Telegraphic Positioning™

It’s no secret that attention is one resource that’s truly at a premium.


Between changing habits in how people consume information, and the time limitations inherent in the new ways to reach people, the moments you have to make your case have been whittled down to between 9 and 12 seconds. Every word matters more. 


That’s why we developed a proprietary process to deliver compelling concepts that are focused, reductive, and clear – where every word matters.


Whether revitalizing existing brands or launching new ones, Brandbuilders creates motivating positioning that’s expressed concisely enough to impact your target within seconds.

Strategic Innovation

It’s not enough to have ‘big ideas.’ For an idea or innovation to truly have strong potential, it’s important to have the discipline to make sure it traces back to a set of strategic learnings that build the case to pursue that direction.


We make sure every concept connects specifically to the strategic underpinning that proves its worth – whether developing differentiated new product concepts, filling the product development pipeline, or creating a total reframe that allows people to see the brand in a totally new light.


Defining Moments™

In service industries, it’s clear that Customer Experience is the product. So, identifying particular moments where you can  make a significant impact – and carefully designing how to reliably demonstrate true understanding in those moments – is critical.

That’s why Brandbuilders designed an approach to create unique and ownable Defining Moments that reinforce the positioning at every touchpoint.

Brandbuilders works with businesses to both:

  • determine the parts of the experience where a defining moment can have the most impact, and
  • develop what the ‘Defining Moment” should be

…so it consistently shows how the brand or business compellingly delivers on its promise – through specific moments of action.

In a world where service is becoming an important part of the total value proposition of even the most product-based businesses, developing ownable Defining Moments provides an important way to really stand out.

Words Matter™ — Workshops & Training

There’s no better way to super-charge your team than to arm them with one of the best ways to change minds and impact behavior – Words Matter – Strategic Positioning workshops & training.

The idea behind Words Matter is that the success of a concept can turn on a word. The right words create the idea. It’s not the idea that creates the words.

There’s nothing like repositioning, or reframing, to affect change.

Whether your team faces the need to:

  • reposition brands for the future
  • create innovations that have impact, or
  • help an internal department totally reframe their role within the organization
  • …Brandbuilders’ customized workshops are designed to maximize your team’s capabilities to learn and internalize the process, both disciplined and creative, to achieve an important reframe.

For a focus on developing superior concepts, Brandbuilders Master Class — Creating and Critiquing Compelling Concepts — is an intensive two-day program that’s one of the most useful investments you’ll ever make  in your brand…and your team.