Core Beliefs

Experience Counts

Every project deserves the focus of our most experienced talent. At Brandbuilders, we don’t hand you off to junior people. You always get senior staff working on your project.

Accepted Consumer Beliefs Are Like Gold

A strong positioning or concept starts with identifying the right consumer insight. Until you find the “point of pain” — something that a consumer cares about enough to really DO something — you can’t create a compelling proposition. We are expert listeners and ask probing questions that get at the real consumer issues and needs that influence the purchase decision process.

Words Matter

A concept can turn on a word, so every word counts. Having EXACTLY the right message can make all the difference. We love to share examples where changing one word to the right word can make a good idea a GREAT one. Being in the neighborhood isn’t good enough – you’ve got to be in the right house.

Don't Assume

Brandbuilders are value-added skeptics who push the boundaries to truly exhaust the possibilities. We develop an array of positionings/concepts that are distinctly different and explore territory beyond current thinking.

A Disciplined Process Yields Better Results

At Brandbuilders, we troubleshoot with purpose. We’ve developed a deeply reliable process – a dependable  ‘formula’ that doesn’t create formulaic content. We are committed to developing winning reframes and concepts that are honed through an iterative process, allowing ideas to develop and percolate.

Team Works

We always work with you as part of your team. We’ve worked on the other side of the desk, so we understand that if it doesn’t meet your timing, get buy in, and include your team’s best thinking, it’s not useful. The idea is to make things easier, not to give you another project to manage. We work comfortably across functions, and work flexibly to meet clients’ needs.